Babies Cause Tree Work Delay in Flemington


Babies Cause Tree Work Delay in Flemington

baby deer flemington tree services

One of the twin baby deer decides to take refuge over by the side of the house while the T&T Tree Crew work in the yard.

It was just a little after 7:30 am when T&T got a frantic phone call from a Flemington home owner whose tree work we would be doing that day. The tree work consisted of the removal of several pines and spruces, pruning and stump grinding. In other words T&T Tree & Landscaping Services would be at the Flemington residence all day.

And then the call came. Apparently a Mama Doe decided, that under one of the larger trees in the backyard, would be a good place for her newly born babies to stay until they were strong enough to keep up with her. It just so happens that two weeks earlier T&T tree Services put up an article on their Facebook page warning people about taking in baby deer for fear that they are abandoned.

baby deer  facebook flemington tree services

T&T Tree Service’s admin explained to the Flemington home owner, just like in the article, that newborn deer are left alone on purpose by their mothers for protection. As odd as it may sound, staying still and laying low are the newborn’s best defense against predators until its legs are strong enough to keep up with its mother. At this age the babies have no scent and therefore cannot be found unless stumbled upon by accident. The mother is well aware of where her babies are and will periodically visit for the young to feed until they are ready to join her.

One of T&T’s newest members, Christian Maddalena, agreed to move theĀ  babies to another part of the yard so they would be safe and unharmed. The twins had other plans when T&T showed up, one baby ran off to a neighbor’s yard and the other curled up by the foundation of the house behind some bushes.

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