Huge Bucks County Sycamore Tree Unfortunate Removal


Huge Bucks County Sycamore Tree Unfortunate Removal

A huge Bucks County Sycamore tree brings back memories for one family, although not fondly. Located on a old farm in eastern Pennsylvania, this Sycamore tree  had wreaked havoc and destruction on the unsuspecting family many years ago. The patriarch “John”, of the current family, was just a young boy, when the fateful day happened. Set on one of Bucks County bucolic back roads, the farm has a diverse amount of hard wood trees surrounding the immediate property. One day back in 1946, the already immensely grown Sycamore tree that grew just outside the walls, where the kitchen lay, the top half of the Sycamore tree fell over. John’s brother had just walked out of the kitchen back door, only moments before the old tree fell, destroying the entire kitchen.

Huge Bucks County Sycamore Tree

Kyle Karkas sits inside the huge Buck’s County Sycamore recently taken down by T&T Tree & Landscaping Services.

Since then, the kitchen has been replaced while the remaining part of the Sycamore tree proceeded to keep growing. Sadly, over the next 69 years, the Sycamore tree took a turn for the worse and began to steadily decline. During this deterioration, it leaned, and loomed, over the kitchen again, causing the family distress. The family could not bear to have history repeat itself, and with a neighbor’s referral, they called T&T Tree & Landscaping Services for removal of the Sycamore, and advice for pruning and trimming some other towering trees on the property.

Looking at the picture you can see that the Sycamore tree did indeed decline drastically and had become mostly hollow shell. While the owner’s regret having to remove the old tree to save themselves from future damage, they were very happy with the results the rest of their trees’ branches and limbs received, some very crucial pruning and trimming, especially to one very deep rooted, majestic Silver Maple

Huge Bucks County Sycamore Tree

T&T Tree & Landscaping Services’ foreman Kyle Karkas sitting against giant Silver Maple located in Buck’s County, PA.

Huge Bucks County Sycamore Tree

Unbelievable massive Silver Maple in Eastern Pennsylvania

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