Storm Damage


storm damage tree services PA NJ

Storm damage, it can happen anytime, to anyone.  When fate decides it’s your turn, and you need help fast, call T&T Tree Services. When an emergency hits, we will be there promptly to help take care of the situation quickly and lessen the possibility of further damage as much as possible.

Trees can be damaged by high winds, snow, ice and/or other severe weather. Some damage will require immediate attention while others may be dealt with at a later time.

Safety is a primary concern when working with trees. Any work that requires a chain saw, or cannot be performed from the ground, should be done by a professional tree-care service or certified arborist. One or both should be consulted when assessing trees for possible removal.

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Some storms may not break the above ground portion of the tree but instead might tip the tree over by breaking some of the roots. Trees leaning uprooted from root breakage usually do not survive for long. If a tree tips in a storm, it often means the tree had damaged or poorly developed roots prior to falling or leaning over. Larger, more mature trees rarely survive attempts to pull them back into place. These generally should be removed and replaced. Smaller and more recently planted trees have a better chance of surviving if the trees are gently pulled back to their vertical positions. Soil needs to be packed firmly around the root system and watered well. Trees should be staked until the roots have become established again.

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Branches hanging over power lines are a major safety hazard from the standpoint of both the person removing the branches, as well as any passers-by. Special training is required to safely prune these branches. Homeowners should not attempt to prune branches near, or lying on, power lines. Contact your local power company or a professional tree-care service trained in electrical line clearance to have these branches removed.

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Decisions made soon after the damage occurs can, and will, determine whether or not a damaged tree survives. Do not prune or remove more than necessary right after an occurrence. Remove any hazards, and clean up roughly broken branches, but save major decisions on pruning and removals for later. While the damage may look severe at first, concentrate more on how to save the tree rather than making a quick decision to cut it down. Damaged trees may still be able to serve the function for which they were planted. Don’t be too hasty to remove a tree if that decision can be delayed until spring or even for a year. The tree may not have been damaged as badly as first believed. On the other hand, a major injury may reduce the useful life of the tree. Severe or large wounds can produce an entry point for decay, fungi or insects.

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If a tree is injured so badly that it must be removed, consider replacing it. Before planting a new tree, make sure the replacement tree is the proper species and size for the site. Contact T&T Tree Services and let our certified arborists help advise you on tree selection and planting.

35th Annual Revolutionary Run

35th Annual Revolutionary Run

The 35th Annual Revolutionary Run event is USATF Mid-Atlantic sanctioned and officially timed and recorded by CompuScore brought to you every year by the Upper Makefield Business Association. The race draws an audience of 1,000 to 2,000 runners, their families, friends, and spectators. There are 3 separate events: a 10K race, 5K race, and 1 mile “Fun Run”. UMBA and its members, one who happens to be T&T’s owner Rich Mowrey, spend a great deal of time preparing for the race months prior to the event. At daybreak on the 4th, dozens of volunteers coordinate registration, first aid, parking, water stations, and a host of other necessary functions.
UMBA is a community based non-profit organization that donates the proceeds raised through its events. In this particular case, the proceeds are split 50/50 with the Upper Makefield Township designated towards emergency services. In the past, it helped fund ambulance service coverage during severe storms, and special emergency equipment to our police and fire departments. The UMBA portion helps people in dire need with contributions of essential living necessities. And, perhaps our proudest accomplishment has been the UMBA scholarship program, where students pursuing their goals of higher education are aided through financial assistance. Over the past 30 years, in excess of $100,000 has been so granted. Your kind support of events such as this will allow us to continue these efforts for many years to come.
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Babies Cause Tree Work Delay in Flemington

baby deer flemington tree services

One of the twin baby deer decides to take refuge over by the side of the house while the T&T Tree Crew work in the yard.

It was just a little after 7:30 am when T&T got a frantic phone call from a Flemington home owner whose tree work we would be doing that day. The tree work consisted of the removal of several pines and spruces, pruning and stump grinding. In other words T&T Tree & Landscaping Services would be at the Flemington residence all day.

And then the call came. Apparently a Mama Doe decided, that under one of the larger trees in the backyard, would be a good place for her newly born babies to stay until they were strong enough to keep up with her. It just so happens that two weeks earlier T&T tree Services put up an article on their Facebook page warning people about taking in baby deer for fear that they are abandoned.

baby deer  facebook flemington tree services

T&T Tree Service’s admin explained to the Flemington home owner, just like in the article, that newborn deer are left alone on purpose by their mothers for protection. As odd as it may sound, staying still and laying low are the newborn’s best defense against predators until its legs are strong enough to keep up with its mother. At this age the babies have no scent and therefore cannot be found unless stumbled upon by accident. The mother is well aware of where her babies are and will periodically visit for the young to feed until they are ready to join her.

One of T&T’s newest members, Christian Maddalena, agreed to move the  babies to another part of the yard so they would be safe and unharmed. The twins had other plans when T&T showed up, one baby ran off to a neighbor’s yard and the other curled up by the foundation of the house behind some bushes.

Tree O Caching with T&T Employees

 April 20, 2015, two T&T Tree and Landscaping Services employees embarked on an adventure set by Borrowed from the latest craze “geo-caching”,, a company that sells equipment for the tree servicing industry, decided to create their own version and just launched “Tree O Caching”. Harry Burak, a Certified Arborist and Foreman/Climber, Dan Wargaski, a Foreman/Climber with T&T and friend Dan Lawton who participates in International Tree Climbing Events, grabbed their gear and set off to find the Tree O Caching bucket. The trio was the first to find the PA cache and was very well rewarded for their efforts with donations put in the bucket from In “caching” fashion, Harry made sure to leave something behind: a T&T Tree & Landscaping Services T-shirt and lots of business cards.”


Harry Burak Certified Arborist with T&T Tree Service

Harry Burak Certified Arborist with T&T Tree Service

Dan Wargaski Dan Lawton Crossing Bucks County Canal

Dan Wargaski & Dan Lawton Crossing Bucks County Canal

Tree O Caching Bucket

Tree O Caching Bucket from

Dan Wargaski Dan Lawton gearing up for Tree Stuff Tree O Caching

Dan & Dan gearing up to climb.

Dan Wargaski Dan Lawton Walking on Tree Limbs

Walking the Limbs

Harry Burak Certified Arborist T&T Tree Service

Harry reaches the Tree O Caching Bucket

Dan Wargaski Climbing Rope T&T Tree Services 2

Dan W climbing the rope.

Dan Wargaski Foreman T&T Tree Services Working Tree Gear 1

Dan W

Dan Wargaski Foreman T&T Tree Services Opening Tree Stuff tree Cache Bucket 2

Dan W opening the Tree O Caching Bucket.

Dan Lawton International Tree Climber Participant

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