Plant Healthcare & Pest Control

T&T Tree Services offer insect & disease control for your beloved trees and shrubs. At the first signs of noticing a tree or shrub in decline a professional should be called. By decline we mean spots on leaves, excessive leaf or bark loss or perhaps unusually light foliage. It is imperative to take action as soon as possible. Time is of the essence! It is important that the correct procedure and steps be taken. Some trees and shrubs are more prone to disease. Simple inexpensive steps can be taken to assure longer, healthier life of your trees. These steps must be taken at certain times of the year when the risk of disease and insect damage is most prevalent. T&T uses I.M.P. (integrated pest management) in conjunction with Penn State CO-operative Extension to help keep us informed of which insects and diseases are most active in your area and the best methods to control them. We also offer liquid fertilization (mostly done in fall) to help provide ailing trees and shrubs with nutrients they need. For a small fee we can have your soil tested for pH and nutrient levels.

Common plant and tree healthcare treatments:
Spring/Fall Fertilization – provides nutrients to trees and shrubs
Winterization – preventative care to protect from ice/snow damage
Growth Inhibitor – limit the growth of a tree or shrub that may grow too large for the space available

Common insect and pest control treatments:
Japanese Beetles
Boxwood Leafminer
Emerald Ash Borers
Eriophyoid Mites


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