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tree services solebury pa tree services new hope paT&T Tree Services has served New Hope, Pennsylvania and Solebury, Pennsylvania since 1986. Our team of certified arborists is dedicated to serving your needs by providing 100% satisfaction on all our tree services. We are licensed and insured professionals so you can rest easy knowing your trees are in the best hands.


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Tree Services in New Hope PA and Solebury PA

Tree Removal – Removal of small and large trees and shrubs in a safe and organized manner. Our goal is to save as many trees as we can, but sometimes a tree is to far in decline to be saved and in these instance its important to remove the tree before it becomes hazardous to your property or your family. Insect and Disease Control – Insects and disease can cause trees to decline rapidly. If caught early enough most trees can be saved from insect and disease attacks. Our certified arborists know exactly how to treat every disease and insect infestation, and will provide free consulting on your best course of action.


Stump Grinding – We grind stumps 6-12 inches below grade to prevent mowing hazards or constant eyesores. Storm Damage – We provide emergency service for any storm related damage where fallen trees destroyed your property or home. Lot Clearing – Making room for a new building or lot? Our lot clearing service will help you clear your lot quickly and painlessly.


Cabling & Bracing – Our cabling & Bracing service helps support structurally weak crotches that are susceptible to breaks during storms and heavy winds. Using steel cable and our crane we can reach and support the highest and largest branches on any tree. Landscaping – Our landscaping services include such as planning and planting of trees, shrubs and flowers. We also deliver and install of mulch, stone, wood chips, and sod. After installation we will also maintain plantings with proper mulch, fertilizing, and spray programs.


Maintenance – Full evaluation of your property to give recommendations on what your trees need most. Service includes:

  • Pruning Trees
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Fertilization
Pruning – T&T Tree Services offers 3 pruning services depending on the situation your trees require:

  • Fine Pruning
  • Hazard Pruning
  • Cosmetic Pruning

About New Hope and Solebury  Township PA

With New Hope, PA offering a variety of attractions, including nightlife, fine dining, unique retail boutiques and more, the Solebury area perfectly complements their busier neighbor. Solebury township’s main goal is to protect and preserve the beauty of their town for it’s current and future residents. This includes an abundance of areas preserved for it’s woodlands and forests. As New Hope, PA continues to be developed into a nightlife area, the two towns offer the best of both worlds.

Common Tree Services in Solebury and New Hope, PA

The vast open land of forests and woodlands bordering properties and neighborhoods can be beautiful, but also demanding. In order to ensure that all of your trees and plants on your property are at the height of their health, it’s always good to consult with a local tree services expert. Tree professionals local to the Solebury Township and New Hope are aware of the factors that can effect homes and properties throughout the year. It’s their job to not only make you aware of these situations, but also show the resolutions.

As  locals to New Hope and Solebury township, we would just like to show you the different type of tree services we can assist you with:

  • Tree Maintenance
  • Pruning Trees (three different classes)
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Insect Care and Prevention
  • Firewood
  • Landscaping
  • Storm Damage
  • …and much more

With these tight-knit residential communities you want to rely on a local tree services company in New Hope and Solebury, PA that you recognize. Whether you’ve passed by one of our trucks coming home from work one night or your neighbor just had his trees pruned, we are constantly assisting residents with whatever types of tree services their property requires.