English Oak Donated To The Women’s Recovery Community Center of Doylestown



Doylestown Womens Recovery Community Center T&T Tree Services Harry Burak


English Oak Donated To The
Women’s Recovery Community Center of Doylestown

Harry Burak T&T Tree Services Womens Recovery Community Center Doylestown PA

Jesse Condon & Harry Burak of T&T Tree & Landscaping Services

“This tree has been donated by Harry J Burak and Jesse Condon of T&T Tree Service. It is meant as a symbol of strength and endurance of the women in the house on the path to recovery. Regardless of personal beliefs of spirituality and whether God exists inside of things, or at all, one thing is fact: To be compassionate of others, respectful, and have unconditional love for all living things on Earth makes us better human beings. It helps us to triumph over ignorance, greed, and addiction. We must never forget we are always human and we carry the entire burden of being only human. The wisdom of trees tells us we do not one day land on planet “everything is okay”, it is okay in the moment and like them, we must also live in the moment. They teach us how to endure and accept the what is.

The location was chosen because of the old stump adjacent from the new planting. It is also significant in representing that there is a beginning and ending to everything in life. The beauty is that one day; all good things do come back.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Harry Burak

Harry J Burak ISA Certified Arborist
Jesse Condon
Business Owners:
Richard Mowry ISA Certified Arborist NJ Tree Expert #420
Theodore Porczynski ISA Certified Arborist

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