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Spotted Lanternfly

Plant Health Care - Spotted Lantern Fly

We provide both insect & disease control for your trees and shrubs. Certain species of trees and shrubs are more prone to disease(s) and insect(s) than others. Simple steps can be taken to ensure a longer, healthier life!

Our world is dominated by insects. Some are good for your plants, like Ladybugs and Praying Mantis (that eat other insects) and some are not good. The not so good types are chewing insects (Japanese Beetles, caterpillars, and lace bug) and sucking insects (Spotted Lanternfly, scale and mites).

Curling leaves, small webs and cocoons indicate some activity, which may not be harmful to your plants. When you consult with a T&T arborist, you’ll have a complete understanding of the issue and best methods to control the insect population.

Diseases and fungi cause different issues and timing of treatments is very important. Many common diseases and fungi are controllable with annual programs to slow their spread and eventually resolve the issue. For certain trees like the American Elm, once infected with Dutch Elm disease, there is NO CURE!